We know it’s important to feel safe about the food you’re ordering. For peace of mind please see allergens for the menu items listed.
p.s. We have a 5* rating with Sandwell Council, cleanliness is next to godliness !!

AppetizersAllergens (ingredients & cooking oils)
Poppadomsmay contain traces of Gluten
Imli Sauce
Mint SauceDairy
Sweet & Spicy Onion Sauce
Mango Chutney

Vegetarian StarterAllergens (ingredients & cooking oils)
Achari Paneer TikkaDairy, Mustard
Aloo Papri ChaatDairy, Gluten, Honey
Bang Bang BroccoliGluten, Nuts, Sesame
Channa MasalaSoya
Chilli PaneerDairy, Celery, Soya
Marinated Broccoli & CourgetteDairy, Mustard
Gunpowder PaneerDairy, Gluten, Nuts, Sesame
Jackin’ Panko WingsGluten, Nuts, Sesame
Pizza SamosaDairy, Gluten, Sesame
Spinach & Sesame Seed RollsDairy, Gluten, Sesame
Tandoori Mushrooms & AlooDairy, Mustard
Tandoori SoyaDairy, Mustard, Soya
Tandoori SweetcornDairy, Mustard
Traditional Vegetable SamosaGluten, Mustard, Sesame
Vegetable CutletDairy, Gluten, Sesame
Vegetable KebabDairy, Gluten, Soya

Non – Vegetarian StarterAllergens (ingredients & cooking oils)
Amritsari FishFish, Gluten
Chilli ChickenGluten, Soya
Firework ChickenGluten, Nuts
Lamb ChopsDairy, Mustard
Lamb Seekh KebabsDairy
Masala Fried PrawnsCrustaceans, Dairy, Gluten
Methi Chicken TikkaDairy, Mustard
POM Chicken WingsDairy, Mustard
Shahi Chicken TikkaDairy, Mustard
Tandoori Chicken TikkaDairy, Mustard
Tandoori Salmon TikkaDairy, Fish, Mustard

Vegetarian MainsAllergens (ingredients & cooking oils)
Bhindi Masala
Daal MakhaniDairy
Mushroom Mutter
Mutter PaneerDairy
Palak PaneerDairy
Paneer Butter MasalaDairy
Paneer JalfreziDairy, Sesame
Sarason Ka SaagDairy, Mustard
Shahi SoyaDairy, Soya
Soya DopiazaDairy, Soya
Tarka Channa DaalDairy
Vegetable JalfreziSesame

Non – Vegetarian MainsAllergens (ingredients & cooking oils)
Butter ChickenDairy
Goan Cod CurryCoconut Milk, Fish, Mustard
Karahi Chicken
Lamb Rogan Josh
Palak GoshtDairy
Prawn Malai CurryCoconut Milk, Crustaceans, Dairy, Mustard
SidesAllergens (ingredients & cooking oils)
Battered Masala Thick Cut ChipsGluten, Sesame
Chilli ChipsSesame, Soya
Dahi RaitaDairy
Masala ChipsSesame
P.O.M Salad
BreadsAllergens (ingredients & cooking oils)
Chilli Cheese NaanDairy, Gluten
Garlic & Coriander NaanDairy, Gluten
Keema NaanDairy, Gluten
Peshwari NaanCoconut Milk, Dairy, Gluten, Sulphur Dioxide
Pizza NaanDairy, Gluten
Tandoori NaanDairy, Gluten
Tandoori RotiDairy, Gluten

RiceAllergens (ingredients & cooking oils)
Chicken BiryaniDairy
Jeera Rice
Lamb BiryaniDairy
Mixed Vegetable Pilau
Plain Rice
Prawn BiryaniCrustaceans, Dairy
Vegetable BiryaniDairy

DessertAllergens (ingredients & cooking oils)
Gajar Ka Halwa TartDairy, Gluten, Nuts
Gulab Jaman CheesecakeDairy, Gluten, Nuts
Ras MalaiDairy, Gluten, Nuts